White Paper Description

As part of the UL-ILNAS research program, a white paper focusing on data protection and privacy in Smart ICT is produced with the goal to be introduced and distributed on the World Standards Day 2018. This white paper analyses the state-of-the-art from research as well as technical standardization perspectives. One of the objectives of performing this analysis is to understand the gaps between research and standardization and to draw a roadmap on reducing this gap.

Chapter 1: This chapter first introduces the notion of Smart ICT by providing the definitions and characteristics of cloud computing, big data, and Internet of Things (IoT) and by highlighting how ubiquitous applications combine Smart ICT domains as well as interaction between them. It then introduces the aspects of privacy and data protection in Smart ICT. Finally, it explains the need and role of technical standardization in this context.

Chapter 2: This chapter introduces a Smart ICT data model. The interaction between different Smart ICT domains is presented and a model analyzing how data serves as the common thread to all three Smart ICT domains is provided. This data model is the conceptual and terminological unification and enables high-level understanding of integrative Smart ICT components.

Chapter 3: This chapter summarizes the literature (research and scientific developments) concerning security, privacy and data protection in Smart ICT.

Chapter 4: While the previous chapter analyzes research results, this chapter provides an overview of various developments in the areas of technical standardization. After providing some background about standardization, including an overview of standards developing organizations as well as their working principles, this chapter provides details about technical committees that focus on security, privacy and data protection, and outlines their most relevant projects. Finally, details about standardization activities in Cloud computing, Big data and IoT are provided respectively.

Chapter 5: This chapter builds on the results of Chapters 3 and 4 and highlights some links between research results and standardization developments.

Chapter 6: This chapter summarizes the main points of each chapter and outlines conclusions on the state of the art – from research and technical standardization perspectives – concerning DPP in Smart ICT.

The White Paper " Data Protection and Privacy in Smart ICT " is available online.


“Standards are essential to build the future of the digital world. Without interoperability, safety or digital trust, allowed through technical standadization, Smart ICT components will not be able to prosper and benefit the economy and society”

Jean-Marie Reiff, Director of ILNAS/ANEC GIE