Mr. Jean-Marie Reiff

In 1993, Mr. Jean-Marie Reiff graduated as Mag. rer. nat. in microbiology after studying at the University of Innsbruck in Austria.

He worked in the educational sector for several years and joined the Ministry of Economy in 1996 to develop the national accreditation system. In 2007, he was appointed acting Director of the Service de l’énergie de l’Etat (SEE) with the underlying objective to set up a new technical government administration in the interests of administrative simplification, efficient management and independence of decisions.

In June 2008, the new public administration ILNAS was created and Mr. Jean-Marie Reiff was appointed Director. The main tasks of ILNAS are standardization, digital trust, accreditation, market surveillance and metrology. In his position at ILNAS, he is representing Luxembourg in several European and international organizations competent in the field of standardization and accreditation. Mr. Jean-Marie Reiff was also appointed Chairman of the management board of the ANEC GIE (Agence pour la Normalisation et l’Economie de la Connaissance) since its creation in 2010.

“This program provides a hollistic view on huge technological challenges faced by companies nowadays from an academic, industrial and standardization point of views. We believe this will bring not only a way to be proactive but also new business opportunities”

Prof. Pascal Bouvry, Principal Investigator