Dr. Jean-Philippe Humbert

Dr. Jean-Philippe Humbert earned his PhD in Information and Communication Sciences, at Université Paul Verlaine of Metz, focused on information security and cybercriminality. Dr. Jean-Philippe Humbert is Vice-President of the Agence pour la Normalisation et l’Economie de la Connaissance (ANEC GIE) and Deputy Director of the Institut Luxembourgeois de la Normalisation, de l’Accréditation, de la Sécurité et qualité des produits et services (ILNAS) and, in this frame responsible of the national standardization strategy. Really involved into ICT Technical standardization and Education about standardization, since 2002, Dr. Jean-Philippe Humbert is also President of the National Mirror Committee ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1 « Information Technology » and lecturer for the University of Luxembourg.

“This program provides a hollistic view on huge technological challenges faced by companies nowadays from an academic, industrial and standardization point of views. We believe this will bring not only a way to be proactive but also new business opportunities”

Prof. Pascal Bouvry, Principal Investigator